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Starting the Bates Method
Hi Danifix. I am consciously following these natural vision habits whenever I remember to:

Blinking frequently
Breathing regularly and well
Moving/Shifting my gaze
Centralizing my focus
Relaxing as much as possible

But they are not natural habits yet. Also I also remove my glasses when I don't really need them.

For my vision therapy I am patching my left eye for 15 minutes on/15 minutes off as much as possible. During the occlusion I try to do visually demanding activities, like reading/writing/walking/cooking. I am also working on monocular focus exercises using high powered lenses. I am doing 3 exercises a day for this:

1) Reading with my left eye patched. I use a flipper like this one [Image: Leni_Flipper_R200.jpg]:

I alternate each line between +2.50 and -2.50 lens. With the high power lense makes it easier to read the line, the other lense it is harder. I do this for 15-20 minutes a day. I have made an incredible progress with this technique for my ability to read with my right eye.

2) Using +4, +6, +8 power lenses to read a letter chart. The chart has 144 letters on it, all the same size, 12 by 12. With each lense I read a line with the lense, then read the next line without it, and so on. With the 4 is it easy, with the 8 it is harder. This takes about 10 minutes.

I also do one binocular exercise for fine control of focus which involves covering one eye with a high power lense, and switching between a diagram and it's double image in the high power lense. This one just takes a couple minutes.

It's a lot but it's working! At the same time I have a long way to go until 20/20 without glasses Wink


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