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New guy from Portugal
Hi everyone! I'm Daniel from Portugal (Europe). I found this information about improving vision with exercises,when i saw a magazine publishing a book from Dr. William Bates. I started to read the text from that page,and was reading that i could take my glasses off forever with an eyes exercises. I laughed a lot including i showed to my mom for her laught to.
But in other way,i become intrigued and gone to the internet searching about Dr. Bates. I found a lot of imformation (inclued this forum) and a lot of books on amazon. Despite of not beliving at all,the comments of the people started appeal to me. Why not take a shot ? I asked myself. I bought the book "Improve your vision without glasses or contact lenses" from American Vision Institute.
Now i believe in this method,but i have a lot of doubts. Can you help me?
1- I have myope, -3.25 in each eye and a little of astigmatism. This book serves for me,or is not the best for my problem ?
2- They say to not use my current glasses,but at the computer or reading i feel the eyes make effort to see without glasses. And the head begins to weigh. I can't at all put my glasses only for computer ? Destroy the work of the exercises at all ? I know they recommend to put glasses with lower graduation,but here no one doctor ever seem ear about this...
3 - At exercise "Squeeze Bliking",when i open the eyes i have the feeling that i'm seeing worse.The vision appears more blurry. Is normal at this stage ?

That's all for now. Thanks for your time.


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