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Translation of Perfect Sight Without Glasses in french
Hi everyone!
I know that somewhere on the internet, you can find this book translated in french, but it's not freely available and some says that it have many flaws in the way it is translated. :-\

So, does someone here would be interested in having the book Perfect Sight Without Glasses, by William H. Bates in french?
If you are interested, drop a line here so I can see how much people would be interested in it.

I had this idea because at the moment, you can't really find free infos on the bates method in french and I also I have a friend who would be interested in it but can't understand anything in english. I know that it may be something that would stop some non-bilingual french-speaking persons from doing the bates method.

If some persons wants it, I will start the project and it will probably be finished in 2-4 months, but if no one is interested in it, I will not do it.

So, keep up your good work!
Have a nice day of improvements!
Here is a tip.
Translate it, and find someone to publish it. Wink

Maybe it will end up in the same place with ufology books but some people will found it very useful.
Also, you maybe end up with few extra cash. Wink

I am planning to translate it in Hellenic as well, because many people have eye problems here and they can afford Laser Eye Destruction Operations anyway...
If I do it, I prefer to make it freely available because of some reasons.
Since not much have been interested in my project, I may not do it or do it later.
Have a nice day of improvements!
How you know?
You asked everyone French Speaker?

French is a very know Language. Millions have French as their native.

You have to do it if you ask me.
Think all the people you will help.

I haven't ask anyone if interest, but i am going to do it.
Some people will be interest.


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