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A viable alternative to the Bates method?
Very does it cost ?
I just saw now that this is from 2006 and no long exist. Must me a joke lol
Are you serious guys?
Who is gonna trust a guy with a face like him?

[Image: khadim.jpg]

Look at him. I believe mister Khadim doesn't travel often or even leaves his home, because cops are always stopping for questioning!

He is looking very, very suspicious, and it seems he is up to something really, bad...
He has the face of the guy that you keep him into interrogation room for days pushing, and pushing again and again because you can't believe he is not up to something!

And he is up to something. Blind you with his portable laser, or make fun of you with his portable Lasik hoax.

Forget about him.If you want a quick cure, buy a telescope and start searching for Extraterrestrials, buy books and search for Vampires, find and pet a spider like the one that bitten that Peter Parker dude. Don't allow yourself to be fooled by such b@st@rds.
The irony is that the guy trying to sell this product hasn't actually used it as he still uses glasses - either that or it doesn't work Smile

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