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it works
Aura Wrote:What I'm wondering is, the main things you have to learn to do is to relax and try and make it a habit and let it become part of you naturally and the other is to try and focus constantly on smaller and smaller points with your central focus.

Which one is more important? It seems like you can get back 20/20 vision by learning central fixation but surely you must also learnt to relax? And how do you learn to constantly focus on smaller and smaller points when as a myope you can only see blur?

I would be grateful for any tips on how to learn central fixation and recover permanent 20/20 vision.

In the first step you need to learn to relax with for instance palming.
In this first step relaxation is most important, but breathing correctly is also very important.
When you have learnt to relax your eyes with palming you shall go on with the second step.
In the second step it is more important to learn how to use your eyes such that you get correct visual habits that relaxes your eyes all by them selves, for instance central fixation or I would rather call it looking at details because it is how it is described on this forum. I think actually Clark Night had some good video that described how it shall be done.
In a third step you try to get sharp vision at near distances, and that helps out if you only see blur, because at near distance you can at least see good as a myope and that you shall use in combination with looking at details. If you just can see clearly at near distances you will very fast get to much sharper eyesight.


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