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it works
I'd like to share my thoughts with you all.

I've been doing the exercises for a few weeks now and have some measure of success with my amblyopia.

There is large psychological aspect to this arena. Increasingly, I'm seeing properly for just a moment when I put my eye patch on and look at the test card. Then something tells me this is my bad eye and caput-I can't see what's in my fovea's direction.

My mum has severe eye problems and I know she has become upset at not being able to see. When I first started experimenting using the eye patch, I felt a bit claustraphobic. It is the worst thing in the world to get upset with anything-especially with something like this. Only by relaxing and giving the right attention have I begun to see grey lines coming into view now. Maybe the trauma of having an eye problem when we were young has intensified it. It was an unpleasant emotion and I think some of you must have had it too.

Though Bates tells us to relax, I don't think he means not to use our eyes. When I look with the bad eye, my brain naturally looks with the eye that's covered. But if I consciously shift my attention *without effort* to the other eye, I start to see the grey lines and letter forms. It's strange to watch them winking in and out of existence, and it may even be connected to the swirls of yellow clouds that I always have going across my vision. Perhaps the strain is doing that.

I wouldn't suggest wearing a patch outside though. Doing it last week I had to be extra careful crossing the road. I was looking through my covered eye at nothing and wouldn't have been able to see cars.

I also noticed differences in colour with both eyes; probably because the fovea isn't responding to the light properly.

It's disappointing I'm not seeing the results Bates relates in his book. But I'm patient and persistent and feel it's coming, slowly but surely.

We are indeed learning to see again!

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