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Working Towards A Neonatal Blur Theory Of Common Myopia
I do not remember the first time I got lenses (age 5), nor much at all before that age. I do vaguely remember visits to the eye doctor once or twice a year throughout my childhood. I was very nervous and anxious, aware that I was "failing" to see well, in a high state of stress the entire time. I'm sure that among those born after 1960 there are also a few people with that very high level of anxiety (and therefore high level of myopia), neonatal drugs or not. Not to dispute your theory, just to point out that I don't think it was a key factor in my own case.
Yes, I am trying to develop a survey (my coworker suggests as a good place to create it) with questions regarding the myopic experience, which could then be analyzed for any statistically significant difference between those born before versus those born after 1960, after enough myopes have responded. Sound good? Suggestions?


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