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I am constantly being brought down, help me
I used to wear CRT lenses, <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->, and my mom constantly yells at me to put them in because she knows I don't put them in anymore.
I read the discouraging parents post and that's like me.
What should I do?
She wouldn't understand if I told her what I was doing.
Just please be truthful. Will this help me? I have faith that it will but all I want to know is will my vision get worse if I don't wear any correction?
She keeps telling me my vision will get worse if I don't wear my contacts Sad But I don't understand because they get worse anyways when you wear glasses :/ I'm so confused!
I stopped wearing them and my vision is back to blurry.
Thanks for reading this. I just need some encouragment.
How old are you?

You know that in some countries is illegal to advise an non-adult to go against his parents and his doctor, right?


Read the "Perfect sight without glasses" book. Is a must.

Is a fact that classes and contacts made vision worst or at least they do nothing good.
Contacts are even worse that glasses, and the chemicals may cause damage to your eyes. Also they cause much more strain.

Your mom will probably never understand. Even if you are totally cured.

But you have to tell her what you do, you can't know that she will not understand. Tell her to strain to see and she will notice her vision going worse in seconds. Maybe she will reject the fact that a change happened, but maybe shes not.

If you don't wear any corrections, you are just taking of the corrections and you keep your eyes. Your vision will get as worse it would get with the corrections, or less. You are not adding something, you just taking of something.
Its like lemonade. If you drink a glass of lemonade without sugar, it would probably hurt your stomach, but with sugar will not. Is your brain that reacts. You didn't added anything new, you just didn't used sugar this time so in the Lemonade + Sugar = Drink, you are just minus the sugar. Lemonade with sugar is not hurt, but lemonade alone will do. It hurts because your brain is used to sugar, and rejects the non-sugar lemonade.

But in the case of eyes, you have to use weaker glasses if you have high degrees and get rid of strain, stress and all the other bad things. That's good for your health also.

If you can just throw the glasses away and you can do your daily activities. Then do it.

And if you want to take this path, and its a hard path, you must be ready to fight against your parent, your friend, against people you know, or even against society, for the right of every people to see naturally and clearly, without being victim of the Profit.


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