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What does your blur look like?
My myopia is approximately -5.25 and -5.75, astigmatism extra. As far as I can remember, the blur that I see at the distance has never been that nice uniform blur that they have in the textbooks, etc when the "experts" are illustrating myopia, (of course they are using an out-of-focus camera or something).
It looks like I see the object or edge of something blurry, but also on top of it I see a number of overlapping clearer images. Sometimes the blur is gone and all I see is the overlapping images. The number of images changes, too. With small light sources, such as LED, it is total polyopia: there is no overlapping, any more. I sometimes see 20 LED lights or more where there is only one! I have been reading Bates material but I still cannot fully understand it. I am curious though. He mentions that polyopia is produced when we are looking at some point while straining to see the object or point at the same time, which will then appear as multiplied in one direction. However, I think in my case everything is always multiplied or overlapping in all directions! I am theorizing that my mind actually sees sharply and blurry at the same time (or rather possible to have clear flashes every couple of milliseconds??) and is straining to see everything at the same time and so it ends up putting these crazy images together? Also have to mention that I have known the Bates method for 20 years and although I didn't stick to the exercises back then, I went without glasses for many years and was even able to do my job without them for years! (I shocked a couple of optometrists, who said that it was impossible for me to do anything without my strong prescription and that I should put the glasses on right away! :o So I am wondering if anyone else has weird vision like that and if anyone can explain it? I don't know whether I should worry about it or not? Sometimes I think that polyopia may mean that I am "half-way there" but it may mean that my problems are far more severe than others'?? The one thing I know is that I have to go back to doing the Bates exercises because things did not magically improve for me just by taking off the glasses.. 'But I may be an interesting case study material! :-\ Please give me your thoughts...

Hi Andrea!

Your multiple pictures should disappear by doing 100 long swings before and after sleeping and by palming often, for maybe 30min-1hour each days. Also, practice the good vision habit all day long and everything should be okay. Smile

For me, my blur is non uniform, constantly changing from 10/30 to perfect sight. It certainly doesn't look like what an out of fucus camera can do. If a doctor would test my sight each minutes for an hour, he would probably not get 2 exactly identical results. This is why accurate fitting of glasses is impossible!

Have a nice day of improvements!
Hi -- my blur has points of greater and lesser clarity, and I also get multiple images when I look at a light source if I'm not practicing central fixation, which can increase and decrease in the degree of multiplicity as my vision attempts to stabilize. I'm seeing this as an intermediate stage on the way to full clarity, much better than uniform blur. I remember reading here or on Effortless Vision that multiple points of clarity in your visual field is a transition to full clarity, clearest where you are looking and your gaze shifting so quickly you think you are seeing everything equally clear. So I don't think you have a problem at all -- I think your eyes want to see! Keep doing the Bates work -- yes, it was also disheartening to me to discover that I had to do more than just take my glasses off to improve. If I were you I'd hold that memory of doing my work without glasses -- my eyes and brain know very well how to see naturally! This is much more helpful than having to go back to a long-ago childhood memory of seeing clearly without glasses. Keep up the good work, and let us know how you do.


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