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Fatigue/head pressure?
Lately I've been feeling really tired and my head will not stop feeling pressued like my forehead and under my eyes a little bit, even if I palm, it doesn't help.
What is this? What should I do to make it stop?
This could be many things. Tom Quackenbush and others have written about a "healing aggravation", re-experiencing the original stress symptoms on the way back to health, almost like an emotional detox. If you're still wearing your glasses and your vision has improved, they may be too strong for you now. (I go without glasses most of the time now, and as soon as I put them on I get a headache.) I'd recommend going for a leisurely walk in Nature without glasses, looking easily at the colors and shifting out to the distance and back, to see if the headache decreases. Don't worry about this "problem" or that will probably make it worse. Make sure you're drinking enough water -- dehydration can cause bad headaches. Also, if you're tired, forgive me for stating the obvious, but make sure you're getting enough good quality relaxing sleep.
Neck muscle tension can cause it.
Do Infinity Swing, Long swing, Sway, Palm, Sun.
Similiar to as Nancy says: Maybe your neck muscles, vertebrae are returning to correct movement, placement as glasses, tension in the eyes, head, neck is reversing, being removed.
When I first used Bates Method and some Behavioral Optometry (switching) my eyes would feel 'worked out' like after exercising in a gym and my eye shape, lids changed for the better, more uniform and vision did get clear.
I hate to say this, but regarding your head pressure: You may have learned a new way to strain.

I am guilty of this myself. I noticed headaches coming on around my forehead and even the top of my head. And tracing it all back, I believe while I relaxed I also learned new ways to strain the eyes. For me, It's tricky business knowing what is straining and what is relaxing.

I mean what is "relaxing" anyway? Its pretty easy when you consider a muscle like a bicep that you can just release and watch your arm go down. But you can't watch the inside of your eyes and head to know if you're relaxing those! Man, what I would give for an instrument that could. haha

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