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What is a clear flash? Is it real or just an optical trick?
People improving their vision experience, as part of the process, flashes or longer moments of improved vision. This is often a sign that a person is - at least somewhat - using their eyes correctly for a moment and the visual system is free to self-correct and produce clear vision. This can last any amount of time - a second, several minutes, hours, or permanently clear vision. These periods of improved vision become more frequent, longer, or clearer as a person successfully applies the process in using the eyes correctly.

The misunderstanding about this revolves around the fact that there are certain misleading ways that vision can be "improved" temporarily. I have "improved" in quotes because such ways do not improve the process of vision as a way to correctly use the eyes without strain and promote good vision long term. These include:

* Squeezing the eyes shut tightly and opening them
* Narrowing the eyelids (squinting)
* Producing heavy tears

These are optical tricks having to do with the way light enters the eye and possibly the shape of the cornea or other unknown factors. They are not recommended. They can't be maintained as a way to support correct use of the eyes, and they may even be harmful long term as much as glasses are in the aspect of incorrect biofeedback.

With sudden clear vision that is "real", or in other words produced by the visual system as a response to the support received in the process of correct use of the eyes, people also commonly feel different in a variety of ways. Their eyes may feel lighter, other muscles in their body may relax such as in the face, neck or shoulders, they feel mentally calmer or quieter, and various other physical or emotional sensations.
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What is a clear flash? Is it real or just an optical trick? - by David - 05-20-2010, 01:11 PM