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Can eyes reject contact lenses?
Maybe you're allergic to your contact lens solution, maybe you wear your lenses too much and are suffering from hypoxia or even an infection, could be conjunctivitis could be keratitis. Maybe you've ripped your lenses or have dust under them.
If you've worn the same kind of lens for 15 years they'll be pretty dated, why not try a more modern lens that'll let plenty of oxygen in and CO2 out??
It is quite possible. You should stop using this & contact the eye-specialist about this problem immediately, because eyes are most valuable parts of our body .

After coming out of this problem, you should use contact lens which need no prescription of a doctor.
Since dry eyes is a serious problem for many contact lens wearers, lens manufacturers are constantly working to produce contacts that will be comfortable for people with dry eyes.

One way is to reduce the water content of the lens. Modern silicon hydro-gel lenses are only about 30% water - much less than the 50-60% of traditional lenses. Also, the new polymers used in Contact Lenses help the lens to stay moist.
These blog posts are mostly about glasses, but many of this applies to contact lenses just the same.
Why new glasses cause bad depth perception or dizziness

Are your eyeglasses straining your vision?

The problem with glasses
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(05-25-2010, 06:47 PM)I would caution you NOT to wear  contact lenses any more.  I had exactly the same symptoms as you when I was in my twenties  and I ignored the symptoms.  I am now in my sixties and I have constant eye pain and stinging  from wearing contact lenses.  Before wearing the lenses I had no eye pain.  I would hate to see you end up like me.  I now wear very underprescribed lenses.  I do the Bates method and other methods and the pain and stinging have subsided somewhat but I continue to have eye pain.  Your eyes have become sensitized to the lenses it seems so if I were you I would stop right now. Wrote: A couple of days ago I wanted to wear my contact lenses for a few hours because I was going to a party.  However after a couple of minutes of putting them on my eyes became extremely watery and fiery red.  Plus they were burning a lot.  Even after I took them out they were still watering for 2-3 hours.

I have been wearing contacts since 14 years which is a little over half of my life.  I never used to have glasses as back up.  I had such a high number that the glasses would make my eyes look like dots.  Until last month I used to wear contacts almost 12 hours a day.  Since last month I didn't wear them at all  because I had decided that if I wanted to improve my vision I couldn't wear contacts all the time.  So when my eyes burned for the first couple of minutes I thought it would get better but it didn't.  Even when I put in new contact lenses they were still burning. There was no way that I could wear them.  This has never happened to me before.  Of course  sometimes my eyes would sting now and then if I had gotten something in them but they would always get better after a few minutes. So is it possible that my eyes are rejecting the contact lenses?  And if that is the case is that a good sign or a bad one?   :P

Any comments would be appreciated.

Also one of my eyes seems to be improving quicker than the other one.  So when I order a new pair of reduced glasses should I order a slightly higher number for the weaker eye?


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