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Making myself accountable.
Since I noticed that despite reading all the knowledge here,I've been messing around since I don't have a schedule,I decided to make a decision. I download an eye chart and printed it - I can see 2.5 cm writing from 25 cm- blurry.
I decided to do everyday 5 minutes in morning of palming, and 5 minutes in night. and sunning once or twice in morning.
I'll check myself once a week (or once every two weeks - since I don't allways have access to computer once a week) and post results here.
Also I read many hours a day (8+) fine print. I decided t ostop wearing glasses doing it.
Can someone translate 2.5 cm/25 cm to normal numbers?
Before you become immersed in exercise consider the following:

It's a magic trick.

Pretend you're someone who was born with perfect eyesight and kept it going most of his life, one of those average guys, and he is actually tired of clarity, wondering how we myopic's think, how we take in life in general while having to fight the blur on a regular basis. How do we even get by? That's just what this person is curious about.

If you feel like doing this you will receive a clearing with ease and no delay.

- Free Eye Chart PDFs

  • 20 ft, 10 ft, and Near Vision Charts
  • Letters Calibrated to Correct Printed Size
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