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Sun gazing also has other benefits?
I've been watching videos on Youtube about HRM (Hira Ratan Manek). He claims that sun gazing for 40 minutes a day heals every disease, can lead to illumination, decrease appetite and ultimately you can live without food at all.

I've been eager to test this to end my food addiction, but I didn't even experience reduced appetite. And it doesn't make any sense, let's say that the eyes can receive the sun energy and somewhere in the body it is transformed into energy (glucose), but what do you do with the other substances? Protein, fat, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals... You can make minerals with sun energy?? Some even claim you can go without water.
Do we need to eat?

I think we don't. Food it totally overated in this culture and probably the greatest materialism there is. Everybody is hooked on it. They eat, then they have to eat again after a while to replenish themselves, covering up their hunger. Lots of these people aren't much better than drug pushers/traders/addicts that we fight a war against and hope to win somehow.

Fasting is extremly healthy, you can try it out. Go on a hunger strike, you'll get what you want combined with the benefits of skipping food on top of that: A crystal clear mind, a body that is independent, weight loss, more time, possibly some empathy and respect. (However, don't expect people to feel sorry for you, they will tell you how much they themselves need food for their own survival and at the same time don't give a darn about you starving in front of them.

The first few days are the hardest, because your still in the routine of eating. After that you can observe what hunger does to your imagination. And it does good.
After a while when the hunger increases, faster than you can handle it or you get tired of the whole experiment you might start consuming food again. I probably don't have to mention how good it's gonna taste. Not only that, but also will you feel the energy surging through your body even after the smallest bite. Makes you feel like Man vs. Wild or Survivorman a little.

Let's conclude: Fasting -> clear mind -> vivid imagination -> good eyes?

Going without water is interesting too, you get these headaches that are relieved by laying down. That in turn becomes therefore very relaxing.

We could easily even out the lack of nutrition in the poor world by educating Americans about the benefits of starvation, we would weigh less too, live longer and not have as many heart attacks.

Ok, youre post is about sunlight, I haven't mentioned it yet. Makes sense to me, sunlight, air, love beats the allmighty food.

As for the sun itself, everything revolves around it and with energy being the main element, we and the whole universe consist of, it becomes needless to say that the sun is the main provider of it.

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