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does anyone else have speech problems ?
i have a slight lisp and slight difficulty pronouncing words with the letter r

i think there may be a connection to bad eyesight
It's funny because i have myopia and astigmatism and have difficulty pronouncing the letter R too lool
But i don't think it has something to do with bad eyesight. I don't see the conection.
That is odd; when I was a little kid I stuttered, talked too fast, and had a lisp. After some speech therapy I improved for some time. Later, on the same year that I became myopic, I reverted back into the faulty speech.
It probably all relates to unconscious memories we have of the first sixty minutes after we were born, when we received blur-inducing opthalmologic antibiotic eye treatments . Sorry. If we were normal at birth, we were born with normal vision. Then it was replaced with blur in one eye and unequal blur in the other. We probably focused more on what we could hear than what we could or couldn't see. Then we were soothed into accepting the blur. Then either the blur eventually went away or it didn't. It skewed our visual orientation, positioning, coordination and synchronization. And imprinted some bad memories. It happens to most of us. My brother was a stutterer. So was my wife. They're the same age, 1.5 years older than I am. We're all myopic. They got over the stuttering (with some speech therapy) about the same time they got lenses. But we were all born before 1956, so we received the caustic 1% solution of silver nitrate. Maybe it's actually worse with the less caustic antibiotics used after 1956 (probably erythromycin or terramycin or something like that). I think much of the symptoms are related to those neonatal eye antibiotics and the imprinted memories of the event. And then maybe sibling competition. Pretty hard to overcome all that. Perhaps the better the infant's memory, the worse the imprinted memories. But knowledge is power. Truth can set people free. I now enjoy trying to realign myself correctly. It is an enormous but illuminating challenge.
I never had any speech problems at all.

But here is the funny thing ... now that I'm on my road to recovery, only now am I noticing a bit of stammering and my tongue doing the wrong sounds sometimes.

Not sure how that fits, but thats what is happening. Maybe it's one of those weird healing side effects I keep hearing about?
I have trouble with words with R,sometimes stumble on the words.
i am hard to understand so i run my mouth on the net.
Better Eyesight Magazine; Dr. Bates treatments for stuttering...

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