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Using plus lenses to cure myopia ?
lets say you are minus 4

i read you can use a plus lens and wear them all the time to reduce your myopia

good idea or bad idea ?
Bad. Doesn't address the psychological aspects, minus or plus lenses both lower focal variations of the eye, natural eye movements and central fixation. Besides, if it was this easy, don't you think word would have gotten out already and noone would have myopia any more?! :-)
allow my chart to demonstrate

this is for myopia, and its opposite, longsightedness

so someones is typical myopia of -4

they need a plus 4, lens, or a plus one ?

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lets say you need a minus 4 lens for myopia

instead of simply giving you minus 4 glasses,

you could use a plus lens ?

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Plus lenses: same as glasses for close distance; causes fast, increased vision impairment, cataracts.
Confuses, tenses the eye muscles, brain/visual system. I constantly meet senior citizens that are wearing stronger and stronger close vision, reading glasses, then need bifocals and then cataracts develope from the extreme eye muscle tension causing pressure, tension on/in the eye, retina, lens.
Reading fine print can correct the function of the eye muscles and shape of the eye resulting in clear close and distant vision.
Mix this with the Bates Method and your on your way to clarity, natural, safe!
Try the correct vision habits card or a mini bead string for close vision and long (over 20 ft.) bead string for distant vision.
Shift, central fixation, relax, relax.
See my old posts, this forum on fine print as a alternative to plus lense treatment and webpages below:

This is Behavioral Optometry with Bates Method.
I think in my case to not see any improvement so far is because i use the same glasses. I think if i used a under correction it would help in improvement. But how i'm gonna explain this to my doctor ?
Video explaining how to use reduced weaker lenses and some Bates training.

Perfect Sight Without Glasses free download