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Hi Guys, I am losing my mind here - Since last January I have been trying the Bates Method - and I will continue, but I know I am doing some thing wrong - I used to stare quite a lot now I absolutely never do - I tried to the other day just to remind myself of how well I was doing and I just couldn't do it at all, which is a good sign. I am getting REALLY Frustrated with it though - I still know that the bates method works, and I still have an aim to go into the optitions and tell him I have improved my eyesight, but I don't know what I am doing wrong - I need to start again completely. Please can you just remind me of the principles - and habits. and any other techniques that you have found useful.

I have not had any clear patches as of yet, and in my left eye I am about -0.5 at the minute and about -3 in my right eye (not for long though Smile) I want to have 20/20 or better in both eyes for my pilot class one medical next summer, so I have got a year to acheive this - what should my first step be if I want to be able to make a post in the sucess forum in a few months down the line. Personally I think a main problem is that because my left eye is soooo close to 20/20 I just assume I am practicing correct habits even though I am not.

PLEASE may you help me - my aim ideally is to get 20/20 in both eyes before I go back to school in the Autumn. Just so you know - I do have a Snellen chart but I barely ever use it - how would I go about using it. Would a field divider be useful - what should I use or need. In september if there has still been no improvement I am going to find a teacher to go to, but I think that will be expensive so I would rather not Smile

Thanks guys - I will carry on spreading the word of the bates method, its just I really want to be able to say I have done it when people say it is impossible.

Thanks Smile
Start doing the chart regularly. just to see where you are, and have proof to yourself of any improvements, no matter how small or momentary. There's a strong end-gaining tone to your post -- I recognize this because I have so much of it myself. Let go of the goal of getting to point X by time Y and just start doing Bates practices regularly (palming, sunning, swings, eyechart), and notice how you respond.
Also, try investing into a good comfortable eye patch. Cover your good eye for a long time, like a whole entire weekend if possible and try to do things around the house that way. Think of it as a fun exercise, an experiment only. You may get a revelation from the exercise, who knows?!
Right, so do the charts and use a patch/ field divider.

Anything else ?

Thanks Smile

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