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Daily Update
Hi Guys,

I have decided to create a daily, or at least two daily update as otherwise I will forget to do the practice and eyechart work. This may also help others to see progress and may help them to continue.

DAY 1: Yesterday I measured my eyes on a snellen chart. Left eye:3/6. Right eye: 3/12. I had about 5 minutes of 3/4.5 vision in my left eye, and a quick glimse of 3/6 vision in my right eye. I did eyecharts for an hour today. I also made a field divider which I wore in order to use my right eye more. I wore this for about an hour as well, but my covered up eye (left) began to hurt after this, so I disused it for that day. I practiced the infinity swing, long swing and cross crawl whilst sunning, and did about 10 minutes of palming.

Most days I won't be able to manage this much its just on a Wednesday I get the afternoon off college and luckily I didn't have any homework. During the summer holidays I aim to do do this and more during the holidays, which start in 2 weeks.

Thats it for now - when I "started" last year I learnt all of the habits, so I am just re-looking over all of them, but at the minute I think I am doing them to the best of my ability.

See you in the next post Smile

James Smile


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