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New member, new story
Hi. I've been thinking for a lot of time if i should join but couldn't make up my mind until now. Its been 2 years since I obtained the Ebook "The Cure of Imperfect Sight without Glasses" 2 years ago.
The two years I just read the book (almost 40-50 times) but started practicing just 2 months ago & have found that every word I read, every method of cure presented, every little detail mentioned by Dr. Bates is quite the truth. I also spent a lot of time searching for negative opinions, ridicule, insults but never found a single scientific, unbiased mind who would readily agree to practice the methods & be patient enough to obtain results. Much of those who spoke ill were actually victims of other "Natural Eyesight Improvement" schemes. I finally came across "Imagination Blindness" & since I've been through almost all posts in every section of the site.
I have quite a few things to share but for now I'll just share the story of how I got them glasses.
"Rewind a little more than 2 years, my right eye is blood red - something hit my right eye. I'm in pain so my parents rush me to an optometrist. After waiting for half an hour, the Doc' uses his equipment though none of his brain to determine I need glasses. At that moment I wished I had a gun so I could shoot a bullet through his right eye & suggest him that he needed glasses. I did ask for some medication but it looked he had gone deaf after the checkup. A tear appeared out of my right eye for the poor soul (not really, actually it was the pain). I still refused to get glasses but the idea of defective vision had gripped me already.
After a while, I realized I had become myopic & agreed to get glasses [-0.75 left,-1.25 right]. I was happy as long as I thought the legs of a beautiful woman were resting on my ears instead of my glasses but that happiness didn't last long. One & a half year pass by & I realize that again there is a blur even though I'm wearing glasses. I was scared because I knew how it would end if continued wearing those glasses..."
Wow! You should be a poet! ;D Jokes aside, it looks like you have really done your homework and that's the right step in the right direction! I wish you good luck (and determination) with the Bates Method!

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