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Please help. Relaxing the eyes and problem with pain.
Hey folks, I'm new around here and pretty new to the Bates Method.
I have been practicing the method for more than week now. I know it's pretty short peroid of time but i've already experienced some improvement and unfortunately some trouble. :-[ In short it's like this : I stopped wearing contact lenses and decided to give it a try. I used instructions from this website. I was satisfied with my results. Some days the pain in the eyes (feeling like someone was squeezing them, or simple tension of muscles) was just terrible. I tried palming but it just casused tension(???), same thing with swings. My question is how to make it work sometimes it just relaxes my eyes but not allways. Another problem is that my left eye is -4.00 and right -4.50 so the latter is almost constantly tense.
Is there a way to make both eyes even? Should i excercise them separetely? Besides, I am not sure if the excercises provided on that website and here are sufficient or should i take Bates teacher?(I wouldn't like to) There is also a little problem with my motivation because i'm getting slow progress, i think. How long can this treatment take for me?(I know it's in FAQ but i'm just so impatient sometimes >Big Grin )
Please reply, i will greately appreciate that. ;D

Have a nice day.
You're end-gaining. If you're feeling pain, you're straining. Stop focusing on how fast you'll improve and keep your attention on relaxing. If you notice strain, see what you can do to gently let it go, whether that's palming or doing swings or just closing your eyes. Notice when you're stressed and when you're relaxed and adjust your behavior and thoughts accordingly -- your body will tell you what it needs if you just listen and don't try to force it.

congrats on your decision to improve your eyes. I'm new here, but definitely not to the bates method. I too wore contacts before I started on my journey. I read relearning to see and received consistent improvements in my vision for about 6 months. At that point things have slowed down, but haven't yet stopped(I'm about 40/20 now). When I first started, my only pain came from my squinting habit. After I dropped the habit, the pain stopped. Palming should be just about the most relaxing thing unless you're straining yourself by keeping your arms in a certain position. I prefer to palm while sitting on the floor, against a wall, with my feet close to my butt, and my elbows on my knees. Palming in that fashion is my personal favorite. Also I hope you're not pressing against your closed eyes, your hands should simply just be covering them up.
Thanks for responses.
I have managed to relieve most of the pain after reading topic about palming on this forum. ;D
It is still present but very little and as i have noticed it's after i play video game(ever heard of Alpha Protocol? Wink )
However after palming correctly my eyes are relaxed. Big Grin

What about difference in clarity between my eyes? Should I do exercises for them separately? And what exercises are the most important? I don't know if just relaxation is enough and the vision will just cure itself?

;D ;D ;D


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