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Night Time vision
I received my introduction to the bates method by reading "relearning to see". I received constant improvement for about 6 months with my vision during the day, but when night came around it seemed like I just went back to square one. November of this year will be my two year mark on my journey. Having achieved 40/20 vision, I've seen the light, and I know I'll never go back to prescription lenses of any kind. I found this board because my improvements have slowed, and I was still having problems seeing at night.

The first post I read was "Not fearing the Sun" by 2xtreme2fit. I haven't read Bates original book, the one I read only gently touched on the sun and I think a small section said to periodically look at it while blinking rapidly. I did this every now and then, because the book didn't stress the importance. I think that is because it is really hard to publish a point of view that is against 99% of what people think("looking at the sun is dangerous"). Immediately after reading that post, I decided to give the theory a shot and see if desensitizing your eyes to light was any help.

I could barely look at that bright glare in the sky, but I tried again and again until that glare turned into a shape. Until that day I don't think I've ever actually seen the shape of the sun. That very same night, I noticed the same kind of drastic vision differences that I did while first starting the program only this time with night time vision. The sun's desensitization also helped me to be able to read lighted signs better, a good example is reading the alarm clock in the dark. Originally it was very hard for me to read an alarm clock in the dark because the numbers glared way too much.

thank you guys so much, I look forward to learning and helping others
Apparently my posts are not all useless. Thanks for mentioning me, glad you're improving your vision. BTW, keep the memory of the sun at hand, swing it to great benefits.


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