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The Most Powerful Memory
I haven't seen the sun in full since last week, its cloudy all the time. Yesterday while I was on the terrace of my home trying to compensate for the week when I noticed the [Image: airtel.png] logo printed on my Sat. TV antenna.
I couldn't remember a black period so I looked at the red circle over 'i'. Who knows how long I just looked at it, when I turned over I saw the most beautiful thing in my life - 20/20, probably 30/20. No, I saw 40/20!
I wanted to keep my eyes open forever but they had to close sometime so I closed them. Again I looked at the 'i' but it did not happen again. Not willing to accept failure, I let myself to look at the red circle as long as I wanted & my vision improved to 20/20 or more.
I think everyone must have some memory that can override any amount of mental strain, the challenge is to find out the memory.
That's a nice image. At first I thought you wanted to get us with an air company ad.

The red period is moving from side to side when I look at it.

I like to remember nothingness, empty space, lack of "something".
i have sometimes that.

If you have that flash, try to remind images from year or two ago. Im must be easy and simple.

ps. did you notice that, it was instant( that change sight ) and you havent even think try to remember that point ? Big Grin
You said my point - visualization is effective when it is easy.
And yes, the 40/20 vision I mentioned was instant but I didn't notice it until I looked in the distance.
Thank you for posting this.

I need to find that memory, I've had tons of events of 20/20 plus vision, that left.... if only I could remember what triggered them.

What the hell? ???

I can indeed remember this dot!

Well, that's why the designers are getting all these money to make eye-catching logos. And they are well deserve it.

I thing i will print it and place it next to my Snellen chart!
The "perfect memory" doesn't even have to be a visual one. Sometimes I use songs that are stuck in my head! And I'm sure everyone has some of those.

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