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Eyestrain while palming.
Ares Wrote:Hey! I am almost incapable of visualizing as well, i can't just imagine. In my mind, the protocol for visualization requires a strain on the beginning.
You talk like your mind requires an internet connection to visualize. Why you cannot visualize is simple to answer - you are not using your memory. You cannot visualize what you cannot remember. If you try, vision is likely to deteriorate.
Quote:Yes, Sun "causes" floaters. Also, as your strain increases, you are walking the path to retinal detachment and blindness.
The mind "causes" floaters & not the Sun. I've seen floaters looking at white walls, clouds, even artificial lights not just the Sun.
Quote:Well, for guys who cannot imagine, there is a try. Focus on something sexual. A sexual fantasy. Think about anything you want without restrictions.
Just keep in mind even imperfect visualization is good enough for beginners, once eyesight improves visualization is bound to improvement.

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