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Low website participation
Its been a while I wanted to ask but hasn't the site become less active? I mean there are no new posts in most forums save the Bates Method, hardly any suggestions, no new exercise descriptions, no criticisms, no spamming (except mine). There hasn't been a single new topic even in the Off Topic forum.
Where have all the members gone?
I fear even this post might just go unnoticed.
When it was more active, I put more thought into this forum and its people-- you know how when you get really into an online community, you start thinking of it in your daily life?-- and therefore in Bates.

I would post, if I could think of something to say.

Maybe if I palm. Wink
Well, I've posted some of my VERY REAL & RECENT experiences in the Bates Method forum but it seems we have no audiences these days. Maybe you should check them out - you might just find something useful then perhaps you'd find a way to bring in people.

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