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swing and staring in same time
at first, sorry for my bad english

after practices with closed eyes and getting saw better i have learned how to works that, how i could see after soft close eyes( from 3 line on top i could red 7 line counting from top line ).

After all, i learn how to move my eye muscles inside a eye.
When im moving my eyes muscles in right and left and stare in one point, my sight getting better(blur gone). There is a one requirment for that, object which im looking, must be in daylight. That technique i can only try in a daylight.

How it looks in a mirror ?
Simple, nothing to see, there is a very small move eye, but unseeable for people around you.

How to learn it ?
Easiest way: close eye, relax i try to feel muscles. If you can feel something then try to move eye( no rotate ) to right and next, to left side. Remember that feeling, open eyes i try again the same. If you can( or cant ) move to right and left then try to other directions. On far objects you should see some moving( if you move to left then you should see moving picture to the left and the same in other way).

More effective is when you are swinging from some point to another, and moving inside your eyes. After few minutes your eyes could be a bit tired, but dont worry about that, just stop doing this.

I do this when i cant see something or to read some text.
Best effective: Try on very far big objects, but not blured at all, and on some nature.

Best flash from this ? From 3 from top to 5 line from top line. Its a worse technique than a close and open eyes. I havent checked that this method giving a better sight or worse. I had only one week for test that( including that day Smile ). Im in the proccess checking this.

I want to know, what you can say about it.
Thanks, greet

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