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Lower strength glasses
Hi ,

please tell me about lower strength glasses so as not to strain my eyes , I started eye exercises with 3.25 , my sharp vision was at 3.5 then I got sharp at 3.25 then I dropped to 2.75 , after a while I felt strain but there was still a blurr so the teacher told to drop again so I dropped to -2.25 , it was blurry
I used 2.25 for 4 months, I got eye allergy ,No improvement , my eyes hurt , when I try to wear 2.75 my eyes hurt a lot but I am trying to force my eyes on it since my sharp vision is 3.25 so the best so as not to strain my eyes to use 2.75 which is lower by 0.5 when I improve use 2.25

Please somebody tell me about reduced prescription how to make use of it without eye strain


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