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Terminology: Nearsight-Fixation Disease versus Myopia
I have decided that I do not technically have myopia or nearsightedness - because that condition. as it is currently scientifically defined, denies that I could ever have had a true flash of clear distance vision, because my eyeballs are too long and my eye lenses are not flat enough and I cannot control either of those factors. Thus myopia is an irreversible organic condition, probably genetically-determined.
So, since I know that I have in fact had many instances of clear distance vision, and am gaining more and more control over my eyesight, I actually have nearsight-fixation disease: My eyes tend to fixate at the nearpoint for some reason, and they fixate unequally at that.
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Good re-framing. Just the loosening of "my myopia" to "this myopia pattern I sometimes exhibit" can start people moving toward a more natural and healthy way of using their eyes. Give yourself a label and you'll live to that self-definition.
I think even better would be wording that implies that it's something you do rather than something you have. I like the word 'disorder' in this context, because that word sounds mutable, and people are somewhat familiar with the idea of psychological disorders that seem to take over a person but really have no basis in reality but habit, or in other words there's no organic thing causing it.

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