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Is pain good?
Yesterday I did a few tracing exercises by flipping a book upside-down and painting the letters with my eyes. After about two lines my eyes got dry and I felt a lot of strain, I kept having to blink halfway through every letter, and after every blink the letters would move a little bit to the left or to the right so it took me a minute to find where I was again. This morning my eyes kind of ached when I woke up. I associated that with the tracing exercise.

I feel like my eyes were hurting because I was asking them to relax to be able to trace, Dr. Bates talked about pain coming back after starting the Bates method after years of chronic eye strain. Is this what's happening? Should I be trying to do this exercise more now that I feel like it directly affects my eye's, and eventually my eyes will be able to relax more and stop hurting?
To me Pain is always better than just dead numbness and no feeling at all. Note how the pain is there and your body will send healing towards it. If you have no sensation at all in your eyes, just hollow numb, dead, weird, it's because your eyes shut down the pain because it got too much too handle. Like with glasses, at first it hurts, then it gets "better". Not really.
It's interesting, I don't feel pain anymore, just uncomfortable. When I do tracing exercises I have a really hard time sticking to a single point, so I try to imagine a very small ball rolling along the edge of whatever i'm tracing. I have a hard time with that, my eyes keep trying to jump. I think what's happening, and I could be wrong, is that my eyes start to relax a little bit and then htey snap back to rigid mode. It makes it really hard to concentrate on the exercise.
try lookin away from objects. flee from what your looking at like its burning magma.

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