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I strain when trying to do Bates.
Summon-Pretty-Peace Wrote:...I palmed and saw what I initially thought was a clear flash. But then I realized that it hurt my eyes to look at the card, and if I moved my eyes at all the letters would blur again. This suggests that this was not a true clear flash, because no matter what you believe about relaxation, in truth straining temporarily makes you see better. Now I'm questioning whether I've ever actually had a true clear flash--
This shows how flip-floppy vision creates flip-floppy thinking/misinterpretation. You are unconsciously convinced that your blurry vision is normal for you. When you manage to reverse it for a moment it is interesting and you like it, but it contradicts your unconscious belief. Your unconscious then forces you to give up that clear flash and go back to your good blurry eyesight because that feels so much more normal. The real/true strain that produces blurry vision feels normal and therefore so does the blur. Why?
You are clearly capable of clear eyesight. Clear eyesight is normal. You are nearsight-fixated. Instead of looking at the card when the flash occurs, don't look at anything. Pretend you're blind. Relax. Breathe out. Don't let your gaze drop like a submissive person. Keep looking up.
Enjoy the occasional clear flash, and keep looking to prolong them, but also look for gradual improvements instead of an instantaneous magical cure. You are looking to (re)develop your normal eyesight - think of your eyesight as having been stunted at birth. You didn't get to develop normal eyesight because you didn't know anything about it, and neither did your parents/siblings/friends/teachers etc.
If you had known as a child that by performing certain Bates Method actions you could have had clear distance vision, you would have chosen that - rather than to keep studying or nearsight-fixating in order to read more and answer more quickly and please everybody. Reject the blur. Say 'no' to it. Tell it to 'get behind' you. Say 'yes' to clear vision; tell it to get in front of you and lead you.
Here's another problem: Since each eye has a different blur level, each eye needs slightly different kinds/amounts of blur rejection. But ultimately they have to work together.
And it's not just the eyes! Your head/neck/shoulders/torso/hips need to be in alignment. Continually check your posture.


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