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I have been checking out Yahoo answers on the Bates method, and it nearly killed me to see that the top answer on one response was that " Unfortunately the Bates method is just silly science" This post was closed, but I have been commenting on people's responses in order to inform them other wise. Here is the page:

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See you later

james Smile
You can actually replace "Disbelievers" with "The Whole Society". And i know that many people her would like to add a word that starts with an f between the "Whole" and "Society".

Really, we can't fight them. We have not the means or time to do that. We will just waste our time on endless debated with "scientific proofs" that defend a billion dollar industry. Not to mention that if we start "counter attacking" we will soon be associated in the public mind as spammer j€rks and no one will take us seriously.

So, i say that we let all those who stand against us wage their "crusade". We will not step into any battlefield so let them seeking us until they are bored or until they will have burn their eyes with Lasik. And, its not honoring me to say that, but i will be happy if they end up like that, because if one of us could damage his eyes from the Sun, all these people would say: "I told ya so you moron!" and laugh at its face. >Sad
I posted a lot of such questions from Yahoo! Answers here previously & I too find it extremely disappointing but at the same time, I have a sense of satisfaction that I know something that will improve my eyesight while they don't.
Positive attitude towards the scenario helps your own situation.

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