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I can feel the tension
Hello guys,

Right now after my long haul of practicing the Bates method, at this point I am having awesome clear flashes and my baseline vision fluctuates from anywhere from 20/80 to 20/60 (rough). I'm also able to walk up the stairs without looking at my feet. I give that ability to my practicing ofthe Bates method and my participation in Olympic weightlifting/Powerlifting. When I first started the Bates method I had trouble walking up the stairs without looking at my feet.

But at this point I can feel the tension/stress in my eyes.

How can one alleviate this in the quickest way to releasing said issue?I To my understanding that would be relax, imagine, etc. But that isn't the easiest thing to do with tension/stress back there.

I need to be well rested for tomorrow, because I am going to the DMV for my license and well my glasses are nowhere in sight. The DMVs here use fancy eye machines that one would look through and look at letters and lights and signs and what not. I especially don't like the idea of these machines because well, how much light do they emit? I hear the simulate night time vision, which is foolish IMO.

But anyways, the best thing I can do for tomorrow is be confident, relaxed and have had a good nights rest.

Does anyone have any tips or anything?

EDIT: I also watched the Dr. Leo Angart video posted on here, and I learned something about the people with multiple personalities, I have figured that another thing I need to include frequently is reassuring mentally that I do indeed have perfect vision.

Feeling the tension is good enough, don't relax or imagine it away when it's already in your awareness. That's a good place for it to be.

If the tension is part of your awareness it doesn't have to be made into a problem. Treat the addiction for tension, sometimes catching the need to tense with clever arguments.

Relaxing can be a compulsion/addiction, too.


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