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15-y old & "Bates Method"

First of all I wanna say Hi to everyone here. I just registered here and I found this place after google'ing a bit.

But I'll get straight down to business. I am a 15-year-old boy and I suffer from myopia (around -4 diopters both eyes). I used to have a perfect vision some years ago, but like many others, my reason for this bad eyesight is computer and bad habits.

Now, I'd like to get my vision back. I've done so much research on how to improve and rebuild my vision, so I wouldn't need glasses anymore. What I found was this program called "Rebuild your vision" by Orlin G. Sorensen. I got this program for free, don't ask how, and I've been doing these exercises for a week. Today I felt like I would google around a little bit more to search for user reviews, etc, to see if the program was worth the energy. There were some positive, some negative feedbacks.

I mean this was the only eyesight recovery forum that I was able to find. And I realize that its ll about Bates Method. I've read about it a little on Wikipedia. I also took a look around the forum, but every page is so long and I don't wanna spend so much time behind a computer anymore.

Basically I'm looking for your advice here. What should I do? Should I continue with the "Rebuild your vision" program? Should I stop and start using "Bates Method?" I assume, because I'm on a Bates Method community site, that everyone are going to suggest Bates method, and in that case I have a couple of extra questions.
*Could Bates Method make my vision actually worse? Are there any risks?
*Is there a program for Bates Method where all the exercises are taught and where I could find the program which would include what exercises & for how long, etc?
*Anything else that could be useful...

By the way, I do realize that there is a subforum where David has posted some Bates exercises, but I just took a brief second to look at it. And from what I saw there were multiple long messages, I really didn't get a chance to read them. Should I read them? Are those the instructions I need? Because I'm trying to read only the stuff I have to, because I'm not really comfortable reading long text, mainly because my native language isn't English, but I do understand almost everything.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to getting as much feedback as possible and any advice I could get.

Thank you very much for reading.

All the best,
And some more on this "Rebuild your vision".

I realize that it might use some exercises similar to Bates method, but since I didn't buy it...

I don't care whose exercise was first, or which one is more original. I just want something that works well and is quite simple. I'm here for results. I realize nothing happens over night, and it might take months to get my vision better. I also know that there are different ways for everyone, since everyone's situation is different, but I'm simply looking for the best way to improve my myopia which is caused by being behind a computer too much, etc. That is my case of scenario, and I'm looking for medication for this "disease"

Thanks in advance,
I haven't tried the 'rebuild your vision program'. I have tried the Bates method and it works. As you seem to understand, it does take time and patience.

If you're looking to get maximum results with minimum reading about the method, then get a teacher. If there's not one near you hire one by correspondence. at least to get you started, it will save you a lot of time. I estimate that I could have achieved my whole first two years of improvement in a few months with the help of a good teacher.

If you don't do that, get committed, and hop over to and start reading Dr. Bates's magazines and his book. There is a lot to read, and reread, until you understand it. on my blog there are links to other free resources out there.

good luck!
Computer is not bad for the eyes. Staring is, imagine something immobile or nailed down is, and as you said bad habits are the problem. Not a chance that someone with normal vision will start having errors of refraction from computer work without any other factors interfere.

So, stop thinking that, or you will make zero progress.

Programs are mostly Bates' method recycled. Many are producing softer versions for "sensitive" ears by removing stuff like Sun gazing, others adding some spice for taste, some exercises, some herbs, some meditations, and some other stuff that might work for others and for others might not. Some people are rewriting the whole Bates' method in their own way, targeting to the same result as i mention above.
I bet that all of these methods work since they are based on Bates' though...

Exercises are good for the first week when you do them and you feel your eye muscles "rusty". Later, they have mostly psychological benefits, because the work you do makes you believe that a change is imminent. But if you don't palm and relax, you will stop see benefit at some point, and maybe you will wrongly decide that you failed.
If you had to choose from exercises and palming, then the wiser choice would be to palm. And palm the right way.

Internet is society. Society doesn't know or just doesn't believe in Bates. And worse, there are many, many people out there that supporting a Billion dollar industry that sees you only like a unit on the sales charts. And what is a unit, a singe one for them? Nothing...

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