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First clear flash
I had my first real clear flash the other day. I have had a couple of clear double vision flashes, and I thought those counted before. I was sitting on the train reading my book, I looked up to rest my eyes and just looked out the window into the city. I wasn't looking at anything, in fact I was thinking about my book, when I realized that I could read the burger king sign about 50 feet away. Actually I realized that the edge of one of the big letters was clear, I wasn't trying to see the whole sign until I realized that the small part was clear. As soon as I realized it, it vanished. It was pretty exhilarating!

I had hit a wall and wasn't seing any results, so this came as a pleasant surprise. It isn't as easy as I thought it would be to affect a mental change. I have been remembering past emotional traumas and the like. I didn't realize until today but I think I am falling back into one of my teenage escape vices now that i'm not allowing myself to hide it from my sight.
Good job!

It's tricky only because we're so used to solving everything by intellectual thought. Or to affect a physical change, we're used to doing exercises to strengthen or otherwise improve the function of our body. But this is neither of those types of things. We have to actually adjust who we are. Knowing the answer (which here is really just a general idea of the answer) isn't enough - we have to actually apply it by being the answer and living it in every moment as part of who we are.

Apparently certain emotional traumas get embedded into you, or into your body or something, and become part of who you are as much as does a principle or purpose you intentionally live without even having to think about it. I think remembering them happens as a result of tense muscles releasing, although it may not be the muscles exactly. Anyway, how ever it works, some of the stuff has to do with certain embedded decisions that determine how you use your vision or interact with the world in such a way as to affect how you use your eyes, and any effect due to a relevant decision like that is going to be something other than how your visual system is supposed to work.

So to put it in context of practical solutions, the passive (palming, sunning) and active (looking for details) parts of the Bates method create a synergy that for what ever reason or process uproots that stuff.

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