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Walking with Bates
So, I'm going to go for a walk later today. What should I remember to be conscious of with regards to my vision?
Summon-Pretty-Peace Wrote:So, I'm going to go for a walk later today. What should I remember to be conscious of with regards to my vision?
A couple of decades ago I began having strange dreams of being involuntarily lifted off the ground and then flying/floating around like a neophyte superpowered human. The dreams kind of peaked a decade ago and now they are very rare. But I had another one a couple of days ago. When I was in the Navy one of my shipmates (a short, heavyset myope) told me that tall basketball players were better shots because they could see the hoop better because they were looking more down at it when jumping. I doubted that. But today while walking I realized that if I kept the flying dream in mind, and kind of imitated it, I felt taller, straighter, and more relaxed, and my vision was clearer.
That walking in itself is a movement and you don't have to do that much.
Look in the distance, including overhead at the clouds, connecting visually with what you're looking at even if it's blurry. Notice depth.
At my stage of improvement, I find it relaxing to follow moving lines as I walk such as the edge where the sidewalk meets the road or the grass and only occasionally look away from it when the strain is lowered. Other times it helps to look around in slow motion and remember what I saw. Rather than trying to know what it is or see what it is while my eyes are still on the object, because that causes strain, too. For example, I look around then look straight ahead or down at my feet and tell myself where I am: "to the right there is a white car, to the left there is a pink house, etc..." the more details the better but I want to make it easy first.
Enjoy looking at the senery without trying to see: no squinting, no staring. Let the eyes (visual attention) move about to different objects, parts of objects. Notice oppositional movement as you move. Paint objects with a soft nosefeather and let the head, neck, body move with the eyes, feather.

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