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Releasing emotions.
Any techniques for releasing emotions?

I have some pent-up feelings, which are towards someone, well towards how they treated me.
Do you think that releasing these emotions is best done by confronting the issue, such as maybe writing a letter to them? Or do you think it's even necessary to contact them? Do you think journaling could be just as effective? Maybe words are never as effective when written down, and are much better off being said?

Any experience or advice would be greatly welcomed.

Sungazing could help you so much, you can learn about this millenarian practice here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

It's a good combination the Bates method and the Sun!, now I am near of my goal thank to the dear sun.

I'm a sungazer, the sun is one of the most powerful things nature have put on this earth for self-healing.

Try it, you will like it.

You can write the letter and burn it up in a ceremony -- it's more important for you to get the poison feelings out of you than to get them to the person who caused them. Or you can go tell it to a tree or shout it into the ocean. I think journaling is a great tool, as is sitting quietly in meditation and noticing whatever comes up, not dwelling on it but just watching it like a passing cloud: "Oh, there's that scary feeling of being helpless again". Or exercise: sweat the bad stuff right out of you body! You have to find what works for you.
i get exactly how you feel. I'm pretty sure that emotional struggle is a form of strain and a pretty bad one at that. I'm exactly like you. i don't really know what to do about it but these feelings sometimes boil to the top and i fell like i'm falling to pieces. I don't know how to deal with it, but i'm pretty sure for me that sunning isnt going to solve these problems: especially since they're still happening now.
If you want to get over this feeling all you need to do is "forget them".
Thanks for the info guys,

I've never really tried sunning, so might well give that a go. I'll be sure to do it in the evening.
I think I will go ahead with the letter as well.

I visited another site recently, and what I read was that all emotions come down to two base and fear. So getting to the root of the fear could be an option as well. The fear in this case would just be about my expression - being judged as what I do as being 'wrong', even though I enjoy performing.
These are the hurdles I have to jump, but I think it's going to work out and I should be able to get there. any of you guys think the sun is given a lot of bad press...on harmful effects etc? When after all it is kind of the energy source for all life!!?!
footballman Wrote:Do any of you guys think the sun is given a lot of bad press...on harmful effects etc? When after all it is kind of the energy source for all life!!?!

I do. It is annoying for me to hear those kind of things about Sun treatment & about Bates in general as well. I've looked at the Sun multiple times & still do it at random and the fact is, I gain relaxation & improve my eyesight - I don't need any testimonial other than my own to convince myself otherwise of the usual opinion.


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