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How Perfect is Perfect?
How Perfect is Perfect?
Really, when i read "perfect imagination", my mind thinks that is like seeing something in and with your mind, that in a matter of sense is like seeing for real, like a lucid dream.

And how perfect is the perfect memory?
By perfect, i think that is like photographic memory. Like seen a sheet on a newspaper on a table somewhere and where you are home you can ream what was written in the news paper.

That thoughts kinda block my mind and create strain...

How perfect is the perfect for someone with the normal average 20/20 vision?
hmm. Perfect vision is when you have using central fixation. Mainly, it depends on your attention. Text is hard to remember because you are read that. Try to remember last text and picture from first page of newspapper. Which will come first ?

Photograpic memory is like another ability from eye. You can teach your hands how to write or throw. The same is with the eye. Once i have red about people who could read throuth the things. about gilr from russia who could see inside of men, about men who can recognize everyone from 2 km.

I must find that site where i red that
Dr. Bates really just called his book Perfect Sight without Glasses to make it catchy and to sound a little aggressive, as he has found a rival theory against what was previously stated about accomodation. It also expressed his anger about the ignorance and torture in and around glasses.

Later he changed the title.

Perfection is a good goal to have, as it is high enough, but it is not a very forgiving one.
I believe it was his wife or her new publisher that changed the title. Just work on better, and then better still, and you'll find you have plenty to shoot for without worrying about what's perfect.

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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
But going from better to better will eventually reach a point of perfection or develop some abilities like said above.

I am not having any problem with the word "perfect".
I just want to know ho perfect is the memory and imagination of a person with natural 20/20 eyesight, so i will be able so set goal when i build my memory and imagination.

I believe you guessed that in me the "perfect" means something a bit "superhuman", but what is the average?

I know is hard to answer about that stuff, because it hard to describe imagination and memory.

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