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Hi! Mind if I introduce myself here?
sunlight456 Wrote:are you reading this right now? I really don't want you to mock me. What do you think is a good reason to improve your vision? If you're talking about helping others, I don't think you're helping me, and I have a lot of close people that I would most certainly wish to help if I could understand the Bates method better.
I am not mocking you. I don't understand you. Lenses improve vision, and so does surgery. But you don't want that. You haven't explained why not, and you haven't even estimated the duration of your loss of distance vision as I asked. And yes,
I am talking about helping others while we help ourselves. But without an understanding of the root cause(s) of our disorder, the results are ephemeral. So I will stop answering your posts. Sorry about that!

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