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Hi! Mind if I introduce myself here?
I remember being able to see little details, and everything and colors were so bright etc. I don't think perfect sight is easily describable but it's a gift and a blessing: it's like a a new dimension on life.
I think I lost it because at the time I was going through lots of emotional trauma and suppressing my feelings. Yeah. Not very healthy. I was confused, angry, and scared. I think this combined to produce a massive strain on my mind which affected my eyes. And I also think that subconsciously I was telling myself that this wasn't happening, that I don't want to see this . Basically withdrawing myself inside myself as a form of emotional protection. I really regret that. :'(

Is there anyway I can become at peace with myself, forgive others, move on, and be at peace with my life? ???

Plus I was doing a lot of reading, and probably not taking care of my eyes enough. Sad

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Re: Hi! Mind if I introduce myself here? - by sunlight456 - 08-18-2010, 01:47 PM