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about articles from
I want to do a my own site about bates methods. On the site: i can find a book "perfect site without glassess" but its copyrighted, right ?

May i translate every article from that book on my site on my language and write on the end of every article 'source from central-fixation'. It will be right ?
I don't know what all he has on that website, but all of Bates's material is no longer under copyright.

Site Administrator

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Everything has to be on the Public Domain now...

But no one can claim copyrights for someone other work.
That means, if they are on the Public Domain, you can freely post them, but say who are written from. And no one can claim any copyright because are not their work.

But if you translate them, i believe there is a copyright then to the person who made the translation.
Its like Wagner or Mozart music. The works are in the Public Domain, but if the Philharmonic Orchestra of a country perform something now and record it, then there is a copyright.

But have in mind that i don't know your Country's laws, and the above are based on how i understand the law. If you need anything on Hellenic law, i can sure help.


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