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improving Vision
What are your reasons for improving your vision?
Duh.. ^_^?
hey. just trying to prove a point there are various reasons why we each want to improve our sight, and i say, respect that. (there's this one person on the forums who was pegging me as a complete vanity maniac and it ticked me off. >.<)

If i had just wanted to look good, i would have worn contacts or thought about surgery. yeesh.
Its alright, I think almost everyone will answer "I want better vision without glasses", Don't get hung up on what others have to say. Smile
Often when people act mean-spirited like that it is more about them than you -- maybe THEY want to look better! Just do your thing and don't waste your energy on them.
Hey Nancy!I checked out your blog and I had a suggestion... how about making a summary thus far of your journey. I'm sure a lot of people would love to read about everything(like me) but don't have the time to sift through all of your posts from the beginning...
Imagine your parents had married different people. The other two people were similar in some ways to your mom & dad, and dissimilar in other ways. Good and bad, bad and good. But different - like on Seinfeld when Elaine met up with the 'other' gang of guys who were similar to Jerry, George, Kramer and Newman - but different.
Your new parents proceeded to have the same number(s) of children, you being one of them - after all, half of you right now came from Mom and half from Dad, right? So, half of each of the two new you's would have been the same as you are now, but half would be somewhat different.
What might those two new you's have been like?
How tenuous our existence is. What a wonderful gift.
The reasons why are essential in the will to see perfect.

If someone wants for example to look nice (many glass stereotypes thanks God!), gives a motivation, but a crappy motivation.

If you want to see the world with your own eyes, do things you where unable before, take a career you have not a chance to get with bad vision, or even just wanting to look at your girlfriend's eyes, these are good reasons.
(OK, except the girlfriend one.)

When we say our reasons why, we are providing a help for other people, helping them be inspired by your reasons, and we also made a commitment with our self.

So, speak them people!

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