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I found what keeps me back!
I found what keeps me back!

I have amblyopia!!!

Now that o know what in have, i will target it and destroy it.

The cause of this condition goes back in time, two years in the past, when i started to see very blurry with my left eye. So i believe my mind slowly stopped using it at 100%.
When i close my left eye with my palm, it feels normal... But when i close my right eye, i fells like i can't see...
I made also field divided tests, and that was the may factor that brought this condition to the light. A condition that i ignored for many time, and i was unaware of its presence...

Also, when i look with binoculars, i tend to use only my right eye, but i believe that this was due to that i have my eyes close to each other, and i have to "bend" the binoculars all the way to use them.

Anyway, i will check what Bates has to sat about that.

I am just saying it in case anyone else wants to check it out. Because amblyopia is a nasty condition.
i'm curious as to what you mean. is amblyopia when you're sight is off balance? a lot of people have different vision in each eye. or do you mean that you practically can't see in one eye, or it is extremely less clear than the other?

good job though!you see so aware of your self. i hope this breakthrough helps you attain your visual goals!
It seems that my mind using the right eye much more than it uses the left. That has to be why the right is always more tense and strained.

Also it causes discomfort and tension when i am using only the left eye. Something that i believed it was due to the right eye's dominance?

Isn't the dominant eye theory false? :Smile
i'm not sure if the dominant eye thing is fales. it could be, it could not be. I've decided not to wholly trust whatever and everything eye doctors say.
It's not that the eye-dominance 'thing' is false, it's that it is an overblown and incorrect explanation for the large difference in blurry vision, distance acuity, and astigmatism between the two eyes.
What I predict you'll notice after a while, if you look for it, is a timing difference between the two eyes and when they experience clear flashes. The second eye to clear will probably be the more blurry one, and it will follow the first by a second or more.
That is pretty much what happens to an hours-old infant when the antibiotic in the first eye wears off a second or more before the second eye, because that was the time difference in their instillation by the attending medical personnel!
Unfortunately, not only does the infant know nothing, but it also will be confused because it had been soothed into accepting the blurry vision as okay.
Since the parents don't know anything either, and are not expecting or looking for the infant's sudden experience of mis-timed clear vision, the infant may reject the momentary first eye's clear vision in favor of the soothing blurry vision still in the 2nd eye.
A millisecond is probably a very long time to an infant.
Long enough to become hypnotised.
Long enough to be thrown visually off of alignment.
Good luck with all that.
Now imagine what the effects on the unconscious might be if the infant falls asleep during the period of blurred vision?
Or what if the infant wakes up in a darkened room when the blurring period wears off?
The possible ways the whole blurring antibiotic thing can go wrong seem myriad to me.
Indeed, but i don't know if they given that stuff to me.

Hospitals here are a mess... They even took me blood, and the tests doesn't show anywhere on the "Health Book" they supposed to write all that one and they didn't even written my f@%&* blood type!!! >Big Grin
What they did with the blood anyway? Sold it to Vampires? Used it in Satanist rituals?

Greek hospitals...

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