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In the moment exercises
The book "Take Off Your Glasses and See" by Dr. Jacob Liberman talks about an exercise to help you stop thinking and to live in the now. Basically the exercise consists of overloading your mental capacity so that you can't possibly have time to think, so you're forced to instantaneously respond, and by so doing you can tap into the intelligence that just exists in you, .... or the universe if that's the way you want to think about it. The exercises consist of looking at arrows and shouting out the direction of the arrow, while simultaneously moving your hands in that direction. It gets more complicated by adding colors and shouting opposite what you see and moving in a different direction altogether and by jumping on a trampoline while doing it.

Has anybody done this? have it worked for you? Thoughts and comments on it?
Overloading the mind?
Ever thought of Joining the US Marines?
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Anyway,the Overload seems a good idea. I believe its important to promote the subconscious immediate reactions. And the subconscious behavior generally...

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