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The Program for Better Vision: Yes or No?
Hello, I am a newly registered member that just came across this community forum. I have previously tried to look up on something concerning this "The Program for Better Vision" by Martin Sussman. I am myopic individual that is trying to use alternative to the quick-fix of our society(glasses), in hope that I would get the best result. So my questions are:

Should I use this program or not?

I have read it trough and I can say that it does make sense but also some excersizes sound really silly like the "Mind's eye visualisation" where you are required to meditate about being out in the nature and seeing clearly.

Other excersizes like "Fusion string technique" require you to go focusing up and down the 7 foot string with 10 beads tied 6 inches apart. Maybe some excersizes are good and some arent?

Does anyone have experience with this program?

This is all I can think of right now, but there are many questions to be asked, thank you for your time.
I bought this about 11 years ago when the 6 audios were on cassettes (remember those?). I'd gotten strong glasses at age 5 and rapidly progressed to a prescription of -10 with -1.75 astigmatism correction, which I had been wearing for several decades. The small eye chart was an exercise in frustration and despair for me, as I could hardly see 2/200. Same with the fusion string -- I could barely see the first bead! I found some benefit from visualizing the different colors of the spectrum, and from the exercise to imagine our childhood home. I needed a teacher and dedicated support to help me unlearn my unhelpful habits, I now know. The program was too generic for me, and aimed at people with better vision than I had.

I passed the program on to my sister, who is only slightly myopic. She did the exercises faithfully (we are do-ers in my family!), even giving herself a black eye with the eye stretches when she did them too vigorously! She doesn't wear glasses now at all except sometimes to drive in strange places or after dark. The eye doctor had told her she'd soon need bifocals! What helps her is that she's outside most of the day, living on a farm and being a large animal veterinarian, so she gets the chance to look into the distance a lot.

There's a huge amount of free NVI information available, including this forum. Unless you need the imposed structure of listening to a tape and doing one routine every morning for 20 minutes, which you expect to get from the program, I'd skip it, as inexpensive as it is. Find a Bates teacher to guide you if you really need the individual help. Good luck! More and more people are walking this path so you have a lot of people to follow now. Maybe in the future you'll be reaching back to help someone else.
I used it. Good.
clarknight? was it good? how did you do it? i have it and it didn't do anything for me. it seemed so forced and repetitive andnot a learning experience for me. i kinda liked the visuallizations though. they were relaxing. Smile
I liked it. Helped me learn shifting, tracing. CLose and far Switching... Was the first basic course I took.
Thomas Quackenbush teaches more Bates Method based, relaxation... I like his course alot, got very clear vision from it. You can learn by his books also. Cambridge has grown since I took the course in 1996.

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