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Pinholes Question
How are you supposed to see through pinholes?

I found a piece with small holes on it, like pinhole glasses "lens" and i noticed that i was seeing the same image coming through every hole and all of them where merged like a "kaleidoscopic" ghost image around the image from the main hole i was looking through.

Its an error of the hole diameter/hole distance, or is my eyes fault?
I have used pinholes for all my computer work for about a year now, when you forget they are there you see like normal like with maybe some small artifacting of ghosting from the holes. Smile
Thanks for the reply!

I am planning to convert an old pair of glasses in which the one class is badly scratched in pinhole glasses. I have a pair of sun-filters that i will use on them as well if needed to hide the pinholes. Wink
I believe that many people that can't find pinholes or can't afford them will found this conversion useful.
OK, i made them and they look nice.
I hope that the ghosting will be eliminated soon.
I will post the tutorial when i have the photos ready and some time for it. Wink

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