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Videos for good health

My new video; truth about chiropractic, eyeglasses... Also includes a few Natural Eyesight Improvement activities.
Love Google, YouTube! They do listen when you tell them about copyright infringement. They forced that chiropractor to stop illegally using Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher’s books as a way to create videos to also advertise chiropractic neck cracking! He had 2 videos with my YouTube name on them and 90% of the videos contained my book pages and he added his chiropractic neck turning advertisements at the end of the videos. People do not need chiropractic to obtain clear vision. I just went to an interview today for a new apartment and rental office for Bates school. We started talking... and I mentioned my neck injury, hospital stays due to the dishonest chiropractor mis-aligning my neck, spine, hips on purpose, then trying to sell 240 treatments and more for life! Unbelievable! The real estate lady then said; she had a weird chiropractic treatment and it resulted in neck problems. I am so glad I talked to her today. She told me that it healed eventually with her medical doctors care and she stays away from the chiropractors now.

Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, books are copyright free, public domain and Youtube, Google sells all Dr. Bates books and other Natural Eyesight Improvement Authors books. I think this had a major impact on getting help trying to stop the chiropractors. (There are 2) It took a few months of e-mails, lawyers, endless lies by the chiropractors… nothing helped. As soon as Google, YouTube Team managers got involved all cases were settled.

Just to refresh everyone's mind - chiropractic can cause stroke, other health and vision problems and the field has many corrupt doctors;

My horrific experience, for real! ;

Videos for entertainment! ;

See Popcorn, Tim and Tickel on Moonshiners!
Avoid all peanut butter! 3 times now I have become sick eating it in the last 2 months. Govt. is letting us think the contamination is only 1 factory, few brands. No true; its in alot of brands and other products shared on the various processing equiptment.
Natural Vision student sent me this link. New Movie about how governments hide natural cures, natural tesla energy...
Govt. and big businesses murder people that invent cures, FREE energy sources.
See my review of Patience's book;
Check my video of my Favoirite teacher's book! ; Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!
by Thomas R. Quackenbush;
That Chiropractor is using my book again, illegally to make natural eyesight improvement videos. I have been blocked from commenting on their channel - they don't want me to post this truth. The chiropractor is teaching the method wrong! He's telling people to stare and use other harmful practices. Google, YouTube forced him to delete the videos in the past 'copyright infringment'. Now he's back. He's teaching the method WRONG! See here ; Dr. Dewitt ; Best Diet for eyesight. Crooks! Lot of vision teachers on there selling their methods. Who owns the channel, who blocked me from speaking the truth? If you are on that channel, speak up to the owner! Don't allow this guy to teach the method incorrect and know I have contacted the lawyer again.
Robert Monroe; Sprit Travel, DVD's for Deep Relaxtion, Improving Memory, Imagination, Energy, Color Visualization... Definitely improves eyesight.

Perfect Sight Without Glasses free download