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A colour IQ test
I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the off-topic section. Anyways I've come across a fun test I think most of you will enjoy as well.

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Now then take the test and post your score! Mine was 19 on the first run. The closer the score to 0 the better.

On a second thought maybe this test could also be used as a means for some to learn about how they percieve colour and with it find a clue for further vision improvement. Just a thought.
I got a 10. A good monitor probably helps.

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Nice score. I'll try to beat my 19 if I can.

What about the others? I was sure this was a cool test. Maybe it's just me.
WOW. i took this and got perfect color vision

hm. i think my monitor's pretty good and my young age helps.

but, i'm very good at drawing and painting etc. knowing the graduation and shading scale helps, and with painting after a while you can tell whether you need a bit more purple or blue.

well know that i'm thinking, does this have anything to do with innate ability to see clearly?
anyway, i enjoyed the test!
Zero, huh? Plus you're an artist. That's awesome. My new personal best is 14. I believe I can still do better.

You're asking if how you percieve color has anything to do with seeing clearly? I'm sure it is connected somehow, but I'm not sure to what extent. For one thing, cone cells are what allow us both ''the perception of color' -and- also to see finer detail aka ''see clearly''. I think if we also explore our perception of color it can do more good than, if we ignore it. It can't hurt, I'm sure.

On a side note, women are thought to be better at whole color thing in general than men. I think it's because of genes.
hmm... maybe it's somewhat psychological. i have good hearing and color sense, but my memory and vision are off. maybe this tells me i need to work on this element of my issues, rather than the physical aspect. that's just for me, though. i think if you're bad at the whole color sensory it just means your vision and perception is skewed, which can be improvedSmile
Some Teachers use color treatmenmt to improve the vision:

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