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The illusion of relaxation
I think that if you try to relax to hard then you will live in an illusion of believing that you are relaxed,
but actually you are not relaxed at all.
Imagine that you sleep 14 hours per day, then you would get less sleep quality and as a result you get more tired compared to the normal case of just sleeping 8 hours per day, since when you sleep just 8 hours a day you sleep more deeply and thus get more sleep quality.
What you really should do is getting so exhausted in som way that you just have to sleep without trying.
It must be the same with the eyes.
Actually for instance you should be up all night doing eye training without glasses so long that you get so exhausted and tired of everything that you just fall into natural relaxation after this, that thus is no relaxation illusion, because the eyes became completely reset into a natural true state instead of getting just partly reset into an illusory false state.

Do you have any comments to this ?

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