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Help? With Glasses?

From what I understand that its important to swing around objects that you will see almost every point and part of the object itself.. and using central fixation as a correct vision habit the whole time by for example walking around my house and actually looking (staring) with central fixation at the objects I am passing by and sometimes on its smallest detail? is that what they mean by correct vision habit?

Would there be improvment if I did all this most of the time with glasses?

Also I am alot on the computer itself is there any good vision habit I can do for it?

Thanks : )
When you're doing the Long Swing, take your glasses off and twist your body from side to side slowly, letting the world slide by in the opposite direction. You are not trying to see anything, just letting your eyes relax and move naturally -- glasses keep them frozen in the same position. Central fixation is simply being aware that what you're looking it, the center of your visual field, is seen most clearly, while the periphery, which you are still aware of, is less clear. Read some of the Bates literature to clear up these misunderstandings so you're not practicing and reinforcing bad habits.

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