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Re: To Otis (or others) about using plus lens.
Dear Lisa,

Initially, the "plus" seems like the WRONG idea.

The minus works "instantly" and the plus does not.

This is indeed a paradox -- and takes time to understand.
Time that most ODs can not spend with you because
you expect very sharp vision -- INSTANTLY.

If you do not get this, you think the OD a fraud.

Thus the majority-opinion "sells" what works instantly,
and IGNORES the secondary consequence -- which
must be stair-case myopia with the minus.

Bates pointed this out by stating that is a person is
at 20/70, and wears a full-strenght minus all the time,
well his naked eye vision will go to 20/200 very rapidly.

That is the basis of the second opinion, to OBJECT to
that minus, and work to clear from 20/70 to pass

I personally "give up" on these majority-opinion ODs -- as
Bates did.  We agree on that point.

But the real issue, is that you personally verify your Snellne
(by reading it), and if at all possible -- get rid of your minus -- consitent
with passing the DMV.

I wish ALL ODS would warn us of the proven effect of the
minus on our REFRACTIVE STATES.  The science is very
strong on that issue.  (I have posed scientific proof
to that effect.)

But the real issue is what you can do about vision-clearing.

As you have seen, Bob is clearing his vision from 20/200 or so -- by
Bates.  If he continues -- and PASSES the DMV -- the he
is an outstanding success.

I onlly SUGGEST the use of the plus to "augment" Bates -- consistent
with the second-opinion concept.

I would suggest confirming your BEST Snellen -- by reading
a chart out-doors in sun light.  If you can read the
20/60 line -- you have a good possibility of clearing
your naked-eye vision to PASS the DMV -- and legally
get rid of that minus.

(Obviously more clearing is possible -- but the DMV is
a bench mark for objective SUCCESS.)

David had been supportive of these anti-minus
second-opinions.  We should thank him for
his fourm on these topics.



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