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Yarbus book
Is Eye Movements and Vision by Alfred L. Yarbus copyright expired? I found a free PDF on the internet and want to spruce it up and place it free on my website.
Although I don't know the answer to your question - 50 years used to be the standard, but I think that has changed - I want to thank you for discovering this book. I found it in a .pdf file (about 7.5 megs) and it is illuminating. It has some great illustrations which showed me many things not found in all the others I have seen - such as, that the macula/fovea is located slightly above and to the outside of the blindspot/optic nerve entrance on each eye. I have been looking for a definitive illustration of that for years. He also refers to and cites many late 1800's studies, and points out that many of their results were not replicable by later researchers (gosh, I wonder why not - neonatal eye antibiotics, anyone?). He also discusses a phenomenon called 'pseudo fovea' that can occur when someone has a brain injury that results in semi-blindness wherein a pseudo foveal focal point is created shifted over slightly from the actual foveal location. (Gee, wouldn't that be a blurry way of maintaining sight?)
Wow, I will have to read more of the book!
I made a video of it along with reading fine print;

Copyright office says its still copyrighted so I wrote to the publisher.
Waiting reply from publisher, permission to give the book free.
I think they let you do it if get permission.
Some Bates teachers use his pictures in their books.
This is the link I found, Dont like downloading from internet but, so far no virus in my computer.
In the US, any book originally published 1964 or after will be still under copyright for many years to come.

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pseudo fovea (split from: notes on looking at details...)
by JMartinC4 on Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:43 pm

Yipes. Cripes. I am apparently going about this completely differently from most people. Yet undeniably my eyesight is improving. For instance, after reading clarknight's referenced pdf bookfile by Yarbus, and learning about pseudo foveas, (and Yarbus also discussed the 'sparkle' of reflected light off the corneas), I have greatly improved my localization of the reflected/projected blindspot map - and as I walked to my car and drove home I realized it is remarkably similar to an overcast sky dotted with a large gray cloud or two. Leading me to believe that as a result of my experience with neonatal silver nitrate eye antibiotics, I was forced to create pseudo foveas, especially in my worse left eye, and then left in the dark about how to overcome them and return to/ develop normal eyesight.
This insight seems to be giving me increased awareness and control over the pseudo-foveal illusion. Holding the shadowy blindspotmap projection in my (especially) left field of vision allows me to re-find and re-use the true foveas, providing more frequent and prolonged flashes of clear(er) vision.

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